Yep, You and Your Spouse Can Get Surgery Together

You’ve heard of a couples’ massage. You’ve experienced a candlelight dinner for two. You know all about dealing with both the ups and downs of life with your partner. But have you ever tried “beauty matching”?

Beauty matching is a trend that’s emerging in New York and beyond. As reported by Allure, it centers on couples coming into a clinic to get plastic surgery or non-invasive cosmetic surgeries together.

There are a few different ways this situation can occur. Often, two people decide that they want to undergo the same procedure together. When a couple has a procedure in the same timeframe, they can lean on one another for support. Additionally, if both individuals are a similar age, matching procedures might also help them look younger together. Sometimes, one partner might learn about a surgical option during the other partner’s initial consultation with a doctor. Likewise, one person might be inspired by the other after seeing fantastic results and wanting the same. Below are a few examples of procedures that are ideal for couples. 


Have an upcoming wedding, anniversary, or other special event? These milestone moments are the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to tighten up and reduce fine lines. One of the biggest advantages is that Botox and other fillers have a little downtime, so you can get out and about and enjoy your new look together as soon as possible!


In the medical spa, we have an assortment of specialty facials that target specific areas of concern and can be customized to meet each of your individual needs. Some of the ingredients used include natural fruits and plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins, collagen, and elastin. Facials reduce signs of aging and can also improve skin conditions such as acne, dry or oily skin, and uneven texture or pigmentation. Even better, facials are relaxing! You’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated—together. 


Whether it’s the result of a new diet or an updated exercise routine, many couples lose weight together. Sometimes, a few stubborn fat cells remain no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. This is especially common as we get older. With CoolSculpting, we target the fat cells underneath the skin while leaving the skin itself unaffected. It is a much less invasive alternative to bariatric surgery or liposuction, and it’s sure to leave you both with results you love! 

Of course, double procedures aren’t just limited to significant others. Why not schedule a best friend appointment? How about setting up a surgery with your sibling or parent?

If you are interested in learning more about a dual appointment or simply want to better understand your options, don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions. We can set up a consultation to help you and others in your life get a look you love!