Men Procedures

As gender equality becomes more and more the norm, both men and women reap the benefits. One of the advantages for men is that a focus on physical appearance is no longer considered effete or unmanly. Celebrities known for their athleticism and prowess are quickly becoming examples of successful plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

Of course, it is not only famous men who have become aware of the positive aspects of such strategies. Men of all ages, in all occupations and professions, are seeking not only fitness and health, but improved appearance. Clearly, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

While young men and adolescents have been having rhinoplasty (“nose jobs”) for many decades, they are now following up with scar revision, BOTOX®, liposuction and other skin treatments to remove acne scars and make their skin smooth and appealing.

Middle-aged and older men, too, have become aware of the benefits of blepharoplasty (lifting drooping eyelids), neck lifts and body contouring as means of rejuvenating their faces and bodies. Male breast reduction has given men of all ages a way to become less self-conscious and more comfortable in their own bodies. In many cases, these procedures have restored male self-esteem and given men the option to enhance their appearance in ways that used to be restricted to women. For a great many men, plastic surgery and skin treatments have provided a new sense of well-being and virility.