Surgeon examining patient for breast lift

Can Weight Gain Poorly Affect My Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a popular option for breasts that lose volume and roundness over time. Life experiences such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and age can cause the breast tissue to lose elasticity and fullness. 

Of course, when you undergo any cosmetic procedure, getting the most out of your results is a goal. However, there are ways to help your breasts retain their lifted, shapely appearance for as long as possible. 

At Cohen Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Cohen provides patients in Nassau County and Manhattan with the dramatic improvement to their profile and youthful appearance that a breast lift offers. 

Retaining the benefits of your procedure is a common goal. However, understanding how changes in your body and lifestyle can affect your results is critical to loving your appearance for years to come.

Anatomy of the Breast

The breast mainly consists of fat cells and breast tissue and mammary glands, veins, and nerves. Since most of the breasts consist of fat cells, they are particularly responsive to changes in diet and exercise. In addition, fat cells shrink or grow following weight fluctuations.

Breasts also contain ligaments, known as Cooper’s ligaments, which exist under the skin of the breasts, in and around the breast tissue. Cooper’s ligaments connect breast tissue to the chest muscles and maintain the shape and structure of your breasts.

Weight Gain and Loss and Your Breast Lift

At Cohen Plastic Surgery, we recommend patients reach a stable goal weight before any cosmetic procedure. For example, if patients lose weight after a breast lift, the volume of fat in the breasts can decrease, causing the breasts to sag and adversely affecting the new contour of your body that the surgery provided. 

Similarly, gaining weight after your breast lift can also affect the skin and the body’s support mechanisms, like the ligaments of the breasts, which can also lead to sagging. 

After your breast lift procedure, we recommend returning to your healthy diet and exercise routine as soon as you’ve fully recovered to maintain your body’s new, optimized shape. 

How much weight fluctuation is too much?

While everyone experiences some fluctuations in their weight, a substantial change in either weight gain or loss can adversely affect your cosmetic procedure results. Losing or gaining 25 pounds or more can be a significant weight fluctuation for most patients. 

What else can I do to maintain my breast lift results?

Maintaining the shape of your breasts requires the same precautions whether you’ve undergone breast lift surgery. Keeping your breasts lifted and perky requires maintaining your skin’s elasticity and supporting your Cooper’s ligaments. 

While skin loses its elasticity as collagen and elastin production naturally declines with age, you can slow the process by protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Avoiding overexposure to the sun, using a high-quality sunscreen, and taking natural supplements like vitamin C and E can all slow the loss of elasticity in the skin.

Additionally, properly supporting the breasts through a well-fitting bra, especially when engaging in physical activity, puts less strain on your breasts’ ligaments, maintaining their structure. You can also support Cooper’s ligaments by practicing good posture and maintaining an active lifestyle that promotes blood flow.

Achieve Results You Want to Maintain

Patients who undergo a breast lift procedure with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Cohen enjoy results worth maintaining. Preserving the effects of breast lift surgery starts with being at a healthy weight before your procedure and continues through a healthy lifestyle, quality skincare, and proper support.

If you’re unhappy with the shape and volume of your breasts, schedule a consultation with the team at Cohen Plastic Surgery in Manhattan or Nassau County, New York, today.