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The Do’s and Don’ts After a Thigh Lift Procedure

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A thigh lift procedure targets excess, sagging skin in the upper leg and knee area. A thigh lift is a standard procedure for patients who have lost considerable weight and want to remove excess skin.  Additionally, patients who carry weight in their thighs and find that area resistant to their diet and exercise efforts may choose a thigh lift with liposuction to reshape their legs. 

Dr. Brian Cohen of Cohen Plastic Surgery is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Manhattan and Nassau County, New York. His extensive experience in a wide range of procedures makes him a preferred choice for those looking to undergo thigh lift surgery. Ensuring you see the best results from your thigh lift procedure requires adhering to your surgeon’s advice throughout your recovery. Here are the dos and don’ts you should follow to optimize your thigh lift effects.

Do Maintain a Steady Weight Before and After a Thigh Lift

Weight fluctuations can negatively affect the long-term results of any cosmetic procedure. Therefore, patients who have lost significant weight and are looking to reduce excess skin from their thighs should find a healthy, steady, maintainable weight for at least six months before their procedure. Finding and maintaining a healthy weight for an extended timeframe before your procedure ensures you have the skills to sustain that weight long after your procedure.

Don’t Go Alone

Immediately after your procedure, you’ll want a friend or family member to drive you home and stay with you for the first day post-surgery. Soreness and pain medications will have you feeling groggy and limiting your movement, so having the help of a friend as you recover from the procedure is necessary. 

Do Take Short Walks Around Your House

In the first two to three days after your thigh lift, you’ll want to minimize movement when resting, but you’ll also want to get up and take short walks around your home to keep your blood flowing and prevent clotting. 

Do Wear Your Compression Garments

Oftentimes, Dr. Cohen will prescribe a post-surgery compression garment to wear after your procedure to reduce fluid retention and swelling. This garment protects your incisions, expedites healing, and makes your recovery more comfortable.

Do Hydrate and Eat Well

After surgery, proper hydration is essential to flush toxins from the body, speed recovery, and prevent post-surgical complications. Additionally, focusing on a nutrient and protein-rich diet offers your body all of the tools it needs to heal quickly and completely. 

Don’t Soak Your Incisions

On the first day after your surgery, you should avoid showering if possible to maintain the integrity of your incision. You can shower two to three days post-surgery, but avoid submerging the incisions in water until your surgeon allows it.

Do Increase Activity Levels Gradually

In the first couple of days after surgery, you’ll need to limit your activity and movement as your incisions heal and your body recovers. However, within a few days, you’ll need to slowly and gradually increase your activity levels. Most patients resume their pre-surgery activity levels four to six weeks after surgery. You’ll want to work your way back up to your regular activities, so your body has the chance to acclimate to its new shape. 

Don’t Drink Alcohol or Smoke

Smokers have a higher risk of complications after surgery. Alcohol thins the blood, potentially causing excessive bleeding during or after your surgery. Most surgeons recommend that patients stop smoking at least three weeks before surgery and stop drinking two weeks before surgery. 

Do Follow Dr. Cohen’s Aftercare Instructions

After your thigh lift procedure, your board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brain Cohen, will provide you with aftercare instructions that guide managing pain, showering, moving, and reducing swelling. Following these instructions will expedite your recovery. If you’re considering a thigh lift, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cohen at Cohen Plastic surgery in Manhattan or Nassau County, New York, to discuss your surgical options and your before and after care instructions.


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