Understanding (and treating!) dark spots

Dark spots on the skin can be frustrating. They are challenging to cover up and, often, out of our control. Dark spots can develop thanks to a host of culprits, including sunshine, hormones, and acne. They aren’t limited to certain groups of people, and they definitely aren’t a regional phenomena. In fact, I regularly see men and women in our New York and Great Neck offices who are trying to get their dark spots under wraps for good. Fortunately, most of these patients are greeted at our doors with options for treatment. If over-the-counter remedies have left you frustrated (or you want to skip the guessing games and go straight for quick results), it might be time to consider a more advanced approach. Regardless of how your dark spots developed, take comfort in the fact that you have choices for eliminating or reducing them, and I can help you devise a customized plan to combat them in our medical spa.

One of these approaches is a photofacial. This technique is non-abrasive and non-invasive, and it works through targeted light application. The first step will be determining which type of light is appropriate for your skin situation. Varieties include Intense Pulsed Light, BroadBand Light of the Scion JOULE, and Forver Young BBL. We will carefully apply the light to your problem spots with a hand-held wand that ensures accuracy. I like to think of it as restoring a painting one small area at a time, or hopping on a computer and altering an electronic image pixel by pixel. It might take up to six treatment sessions to reveal your new, spot-free skin, but you also might see results in as little as four treatments. I am all about custom care, so, together, we will discuss the extent of your damage and what it means for your approach to treatment.

A HydraFacial is also a great option for targeting uneven skin tone, sun damage, and other various pigmentation issues. This procedure has results similar to microdermabrasion, but it does not use crystals, so many patients report that it is less abrasive. As a bonus, HydraFacials are super convenient! Thanks to the cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, hydration, and protection offered by this treatment, you’ll have instant results and will require no downtime before getting back into your daily routine. You might also notice that the HydraFacial reduces fine lines and excessive oil.

Want to skip treatment altogether? Prevention is key for keeping dark spots away. I suggest applying a broad-spectrum SPF on a daily basis (and throughout the day if you’re in direct sun for extended periods) and limiting your time in tanning booths or other situations where you’re exposed to direct rays. Some cleansers can also contribute to the problem, and picking at pimples can lead to spots of discoloration. If you’re worried about developing dark spots, we can sit down and plan a skin care routine to suit your situation.

If dark spots on your skin are bothering you, know that you don’t have to deal with them. Call or make an appointment to learn more about medical spa treatments.