Three Reasons to Get a ‘Mommy Makeover’

Life as a new mom can be tough – particularly after enduring a grueling pregnancy and painful childbirth. As well, many new moms report that – no matter how hard they try – they simply cannot flatten their stomachs back to the pre-pregnancy look. For many women, a condition known as “diastasis recti” can be to blame for the unwanted “pouch” in the mid-section. For others, the effects of breastfeeding have resulted in not only a healthy baby, but “flat” or “sagging” breasts. If you are facing this situation, consider the following three encouraging reasons to undergo a “Mommy Makeover” with Brian D. Cohen, M.D.:

1.     Get back on your feet – Unlike many other invasive surgical procedures, cosmetic operations like breast augmentation or liposuction do not involve an extensive recovery periods, allowing mothers the opportunity to get back into the swing of things relatively quickly. For anyone considering the mommy makeover, rest assured that the healing process is generally the worst in the first 2-3 days post-surgery – and many women report needing pain medication for just 48 hours postoperatively.

2.     Uplift – Any mother who has breastfed a child knows that the constant engorgement/draining process can significantly stretch the sensitive skin around the breast, leading to a “stretched out” or “sagging” look. In addition, breastfeeding can cause noticeable changes to nipple structure and areolas, making many women feel self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts post-partum. The mommy makeover includes a breast augmentation procedure, as well as any aesthetic restructuring necessary to help improve a new mom’s self-image, which may be, for some women, a vital component to happy, healthy parenting.

3.     Gain confidence – A mommy makeover will generally include liposuction and/or a tummy tuck – both of which are designed to help contour the midsection and remove the unwanted appearance of “sagging” and fat. With a tummy tuck and liposuction, a patient can help revive those pre-pregnancy feelings of beauty and muscle tightness in a way that the gym sometimes just cannot provide.

If you are considering having a mommy makeover and want to discuss your option, be sure to contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brain D. Cohen, who is experienced in the procedures involved.