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The Five Most Common Reasons to Get a Facelift

When signs of aging show up in your appearance, you may want to rush to the drugstore and stockpile anti-aging products. These creams and serums present many benefits for your skin but often fail to produce anti-aging results. When it comes to taking on age-related changes in your appearance, a facelift could be the answer. 

Facelifts are plastic surgery procedures that reposition the skin on the face to give it a more youthful appearance. Cohen Plastic Surgery in Nassau County and NYC provides facelifts to help patients combat signs of aging. 

Learn more about five of the most common reasons to get a facelift below.

1. Sagging Skin or Jowls

With age comes a gradual decline in collagen and elastin production. These two components are what keep your skin tight and firm throughout your youth. As collagen and elastin production declines, you will see your skin begin to sag and drop downwards. This often creates the appearance of hanging jowls around the jawline.

A facelift can help resolve sagging skin and jowls by lifting the skin upwards and placing it in a higher position. Excess skin that sags downwards may be removed, and the remaining skin will be placed in a way that appears tighter and more firm.

2. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are often the first signs of aging. The frequent facial expressions that you make throughout life can lead to creases in your skin. When you are younger, there is plenty of elastin in your skin, which allows it to snap back into a smooth position. 

As you age and your elastin decreases, facial expressions create creases, wrinkles, and fine lines. These are especially visible around your eyes and mouth, where you show most of your emotions. 

Facelift procedures can smooth out wrinkles and fine lines by pulling your skin into a tighter position. This gives your face a more youthful overall appearance.

3. Loss of Volume

Part of what creates a youthful appearance is the natural volume underneath the skin. The collagen in your skin helps create this volume, which is most notable under the cheeks. When collagen decreases with age, this volume gradually disappears and gives the skin a sullen, hollow appearance.

Facelift procedures can lift skin, making it appear to be more tight and firm, drawing attention away from a loss of volume. 

Some facelift procedures may incorporate fat grafting to directly address volume loss. This involves harvesting fat from one area of the body and placing it under the facial skin to create a more supple, youthful look.

4. Double Chin

When the skin around the chin and jawline begins to drop, it can give the appearance of a double chin – even in patients who do not have excess fat around the face. Since this double chin is not the result of fat under the chin, no amount of dieting or exercise will resolve its appearance.

A facelift works to tighten the appearance of hanging skin under the chin, lifting it and enhancing the shape of both the chin and jaw area.

5. Tired Look Around the Eyes

One of the most common reasons patients seek facelift procedures is that aging has given them a tired appearance. When fine lines and crow’s feet form around the eyes, it can create a weathered look. Another age-related change is bags that form under the eyes. This puffiness can make you look as if you haven’t gotten enough sleep.

Facelift surgery can resolve the tired appearance that comes with aging by tightening and firming the skin around the eyes. This helps give the face a more vibrant, rested look overall. Contact our team to learn more.