Small Tweaks Are the New Trend in Cosmetic Surgery

For years, plastic surgery often meant major changes to a body. You’ve probably seen friends, family members, coworkers, or even just strangers around NYC who have had dramatic transformations after a procedure. These days, however, I’m seeing more and more patients who want simple tweaks rather than transformations. There are a few reasons for this change. Here are a few. 

The power of social media

As noted by Allure, “patients are increasingly wanting to maintain their general face structure, inherited family traits, and just generally wanting to look like themselves, but with a few refined tweaks.” Imagine having the face you see when you apply a “beautifying” filter on social media. Now imagine having that appearance 27/7, whether you’re near your phone or not. Small changes, like permanent makeup, cheek fillers, and microdermabrasion can help make this virtual experience an actual reality. And in a society that is obsessed with selfies and documenting daily life for friends on social media, it’s a valuable option for many individuals. Whether you make a living as a brand ambassador online or simply want to feel more confident in the office and date night, small tweaks can make a big difference!

Surgery earlier in life

Another factor is how early individuals are going under the knife. It used to be that patients would only seek treatment when things were out of control. For example, we’d see New Yorkers who had gone years with droopy facial features, heavy eyelids, and excess fat that caused concern and self-consciousness. After waiting for a certain moment, like retirement or a milestone birthday, they would finally come in for a full surgical update. Now, both women and men, in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, are visiting us sooner–looking for ways to prevent, rather than treat, aesthetic conditions. The simple nature of these smaller procedures is that they are more minimal and less invasive. Many people feel that getting smaller lifts or tucks early can prevent more substantial ones down the line, and this reasoning is something we agree with.

More interest in injectables

Looking for a fast change? One that can even be done over your lunch break or the night before a big event? If you answered yes, you might be like so many others who use and trust injectables to get dramatic facial updates in a matter of minutes with little to no downtime for healing. Injectables, including Botox, have been beloved for some time and are only increasing in popularity. Depending on the situation, it may only take a few injections spread out over the course of a year to see exciting results. 

It’s fun to see how cosmetic surgery preferences change with time, and we are happy to adapt to help patients get the care that they want and need. If you are interested in any tweaks for 2019, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment. You deserve it!