Reasons for Cosmetic Surgery

Why do people decide to have cosmetic surgery?

Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery is a very personal one; reasons differ among individuals. There are cases in which cosmetic surgery is medically necessary, such as when a patient has a birth deformity or has suffered an accident, infirmity, or surgery (such as a mastectomy) that impacts appearance or functioning in a negative way. In most cases, however, people undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their looks and to feel better about themselves. Sometimes, people have plastic surgery after extreme weight loss to make their skin “fit” their new body contours.

Two Major Reasons for Cosmetic Surgery

Most people who have cosmetic surgery do so for one of two stated reasons: they want to look younger or they want to alter a facial feature or part of the body that has always bothered them.

  1. To appear more youthful
    It is common in our society for individuals to be disturbed by signs of aging — such as wrinkles, puckers, skin tags, rough patches or leathery skin, drooping eyelids, sagging breasts, brown spots, spider veins, skin that has lost its elasticity. Fortunately, for those troubled by such signs of aging, cosmetic surgery is readily available.
  2. To change a facial feature or body part that displeases you
    Another frequently mentioned reason for cosmetic surgery is to alter a part of the face or body that has always made you feel uncomfortable, whether is it a bulbous nose, overly large breasts, or a stretched-out abdomen.

Exploring Your Motivations and Expectations
As with any other important decision, the decision to have cosmetic surgery should be weighed carefully. It is essential that you decide to have surgery based on realistic desires and goals.

The Wrong Reasons
Obviously, you should not expect cosmetic surgery to change your personality or to fulfill your dream of becoming a celebrity. It is also a bad idea to seek cosmetic surgery to overcome grief after the death of a loved one, to please your partner, or to save a relationship. No elective surgery should be undergone on a whim; you should spend some time assessing your true needs and desires.

The Right Reasons
Seeking cosmetic surgery to make you feel more attractive, more comfortable in your own skin, and more self-confident are realistic goals. Under the proper circumstances, cosmetic surgery can be a revitalizing experience, opening new pathways for you in terms of self-determination and self-esteem.  In considering cosmetic surgery, a consultation with an experienced, caring plastic surgeon can help you evaluate whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.