“Likes” Aren’t Everything; Take Your Time Picking a Plastic Surgeon

If you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that image is everything there. Individuals are typically careful to choose only the best photos to upload; they reflect only the ideal situations they encounter in their day-to-day lives. Although it can be exciting to see and share these beautiful moments, it can also create an unrealistic standard for life. In fact, research has shown that some social media users get so caught up in presenting the perfect image or living up to someone else’s that they become depressed and anxious. Unfortunately, showing images of the best of the best doesn’t just happen on celebrity or influencer profiles. it has also become a common trend in advertising, including depictions of plastic surgery before and afters. 

More and more, practitioners are attracting clients through outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It’s great to understand that there’s someone out there who can help you get a look you love and feel confident about, but as a patient, you should keep in mind that results vary from person to person and it is impossible to promise particular results. If you’re looking for a surgery in New York, know that not all surgeons advertising online are what they seem. Some might simply be posing as experts or living in an entirely different area.

Why Your Plastic Surgeon Matters

Women’s Health Magazine recently published an article explaining some of these digital scams. Citing a study in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, they noted that only 17.8 percent of the top posts on Instagram using hashtags like #boobjob, #facelift, #liposuction, and #brazilianbuttlift came from board-certified plastic surgeons. Yikes!

There’s nothing wrong with using photos as inspiration for a look you desire. In fact, coming into our offices with an ideal look is helpful for fine-tuning what procedures would be best for your body. What is not healthy is comparing yourself to others and expecting to look like an identical twin of someone you admire online.  That’s why it is incredibly important that you keep a realistic mindset when scrolling through social media feeds and noticing plastic surgery posts. 

If you are considering scheduling an appointment with the practitioner advertising online, be sure to take some strategic steps before going under the knife. Ideally, a plastic surgeon will set up an initial consultation with you in person. During this appointment, you can explain your desired outcome. In our office, we always keep things reasonable. We do a full evaluation of your area of concern and discuss what techniques would look natural, as well as which ones would not. 

You should be able to trust that your practitioner is well-versed in the procedure of interest. Don’t hesitate to ask for credentials, certification documents, and client testimonials. If you are looking for an expert for your surgery or noninvasive procedure, we’re here for you! Don’t hesitate to call or set up an appointment today!