Increase in selfies creates increase in plastic surgery

We all know how much society loves a good selfie. From record-breaking shots filled with celebrities and Instagram stars to silly faces snapped by friends at brunch or on the streets of New York that fill up screens on Facebook, they seem to be everywhere. Selfies are so popular that Snapchat has an assortment of “filters” that can alter the way you look on screen with a single swipe. Among other options, the app can make you look like a cute puppy, give you a crown of flowers, and brighten up your look so that you have a dewy glow.

As the popularity of selfies has increased, so has the amount of people who are choosing to undergo elective cosmetic surgeries. In a recent article, People magazine cited a 2014 survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. It revealed a surge in aesthetic procedures, including among younger generations who are quick to adopt social media platforms. Their conclusion? Seeing yourself on screen makes you more aware of your appearance — and the things you might want to change.

According to the AAFPRS, one in three facial plastic surgeons surveyed saw an increase in requests for procedures due to patients being more in tune with their looks on social media. Additionally, surveyed members noted a 10 percent increase in rhinoplasty in 2013 over 2012, as well as a 7 percent increase in hair transplants, and a 6 percent increase in eyelid surgery.

If you’re considering a procedure to step up your selfie game, it’s important that you understand your options and what happens when you proceed with them. Below are three popular facial procedures offered at our clinic.

Brow Lift

This is a great option if you are often told that you look “angry” “sad,” or “tired” — but you’re not at all! This option smoothes wrinkles and lines and raises up your brows, which can make you look years younger. While the procedure can take place alone, it might also be done in conjunction with an eyelid surgery or facelift.

If the shape or appearance of your nose causes you stress, a rhinoplasty might be something to consider. Also known as a “nose job,” a rhinoplasty can balance the size of your nose with your other facial features, remove humps and depressions, contour your nasal tip, and correct other asymmetry or deviation. Each nose is unique and should be reconstructed accordingly. I’ll work with you to help you find a shape that fits your wants and blends with your natural features.

Neck Lift

If you find yourself looking up and titling your lens down to minimize the appearance of your neck when you take a photo, a neck lift might be an ideal procedure. Necks can start to sag with age or after weight loss. This surgery can smooth and tighten your skin, giving a more toned and youthful look.

Unlike traditional portraits taken of use by professionals, relatives, or friends, selfies allow us to present ourselves the way we want to be seen. If your selfies make you self-conscious (or if you’re avoiding the camera all together) and you’re looking for a change, call or visit us today to discuss your options.