Here’s what to look for in a plastic surgeon

As plastic surgeries gain popularity, they may start to feel like they are no big deal. It’s important to remember, however, that cosmetic procedures are real surgeries and should not be taken too lightly. Researching and understanding the expertise of your plastic surgeon is just as important as researching the procedures themselves.Whether you are wanting a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, neck lift, or something else, here are a few things you should keep in mind when you are selecting a plastic surgeon to complete your chosen cosmetic procedures.

Your surgeon’s record

Where did your potential surgeon train? How long has his or her practice been open? Before booking an appointment, find out where he or she went to medical school, as well as what he or she specialized in while there. Any reputable plastic surgeon should have several work examples that are relatable to you and viewable, and you can look for this information on a surgeon’s website or in the clinics themselves. Don’t hesitate to ask a doctor directly about his or her history, either. All New York surgeons should be licensed and in good standing with regional  boards, and a quality surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Your rapport

It’s important that you take time to get to know your surgeon and make sure that you feel at ease with him or her working on your body. That doesn’t mean you have to become best friends, but you should be comfortable asking questions, letting the clinic team know if something has been misunderstood, and explaining your expectations for any procedure. Likewise, the physician should be able to give a solid opinion about the best options for your specific cosmetic concerns. Your idea of what you want might not be recommended, and any professional and responsible surgeon will have the courtesy and knowledge to help you make the most informed choice for how to proceed.


You probably should not base a surgical decision on the opinions of one or two disgruntled former patients, however, if you notice online or within your social circles that a surgeon you are considering has had multiple complaints, it might be worth considering using a different facility. Check out review boards, as well as patient testimonials on clinic websites. On the flipside, if you see the positive results that your friends, coworkers, or family have experienced with a specific surgeon and you relate to their conditions, it might be a solid sign that you will also be in good hands under that surgeon’s care.

A cosmetic surgery is exciting, but it’s important that you don’t rush any decisions. Do yourself a favor and look around before committing to one plastic surgeon over another. Be open to new ideas and do not hesitate to ask questions. You deserve to have the look that you want–and not end up with a botched or disappointing surgery.