Fully Embrace Your New Look After Weight Loss

You’ve changed your eating habits, replacing sugary treats with healthy fruits and veggies. You’ve logged hundreds of hours at the gym, or running in Central Park, squeezing workouts into your already crazy routine and pushing yourself to do just one more mile. Perhaps you’ve even had a successful bariatric surgery, going under the knife, and facing the world with a new mindset. And guess what? All that hard work has paid off! Research continues to show the benefits of shedding pounds and you’re living proof. With that extra weight off, you are likely seeing the chance for a new beginning, with increased mobility, lower risks of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, and other benefits.

Still, you might not feel back to your old self quite yet. Many patients who have completed a weight loss surgery have a reminder of their heavier days when they look in the mirror. After losing weight, loose hanging skin sticks around. How did it get there? Skin is a malleable organ, and your pre-weight loss body likely stretched it to conform to your natural contours. After a weight loss, the skin is unable to conform to your new body shape on its own. Many clients come in seeking to eliminate that excess—to get skin that more accurately “matches” their new shape and helps provide an additional level of confidence.

So how does it work? Through body contouring procedures, you can achieve a smooth and toned appearance that matches your changed body type. This can be particularly helpful in problem areas like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, breasts, arms, and face, where skin is more likely to be in excess.

Additionally, some patients consider further procedures, such as liposuction to combat particularly stubborn areas of fat, or singular procedures, such as breast and neck lifts, to perk things up in select areas.

Body contouring is not an overnight process and it is important that we work together to develop a plan that will help you fully embrace the transformation that you’ve earned through dramatic weight loss. It’s time to show off your new look and feel proud of the healthier version of you. Let us help.