Five signs you’re ready for a breast surgery

The perfect time to have a breast procedure varies from individual to individual and circumstance to circumstance. Still, there are some sure signs that you might be ready for a breast surgery, and a few are listed below. As always, if you have any questions about your options, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to help you have a body that you love!

You’re in pain

In situations where individuals are considering a breast reduction, I often hear that they are experiencing pain or difficulty with day-to-day activities because of their breast size. When your breasts are heavy, they can take a toll on your back, shoulders, and neck, causing soreness. This can make it difficult to work out, maintain certain jobs, and participate in activities that involve lots of movement. Fortunately, solutions exist beyond the bra aisle, and having a surgery to decrease your size can be a literal weight off of your shoulders.

You feel self-conscious

Everyone has something that they feel self-conscious about, and many individuals who are considering a breast augmentation feel that they are constantly being judged or disrespected by others because of their breast size. In situations where breasts are larger than normal, individuals may feel overly sexualized or fearful that people only are attracted to them because of their size. This is particularly common among younger women. When breasts are small, individuals might worry that they are unattractive or undesirable to others. Although it is important that you feel confident in the way you look and are happy with your body, it might mean having a surgery to help that be possible.

You can’t find clothes that fit

Do your tops fit your chest but look and feel baggy around your stomach? Or perhaps you have a dress that almost falls off because there’s no breast tissue to hold it up? When your chest is not proportionate with the rest of your body, shopping for clothes can be frustrating and even impossible. This includes bras–especially when your size is not available or you need different sized cups to fit uneven breasts. Altering your size and shape can help you get into outfits that are both stylish and easy to wear, so you can feel confident with whatever you are rocking.

You constantly think about your breasts

It’s one thing to occasionally worry about your body, like when you’re bombarded with fashion ads or run into a seemingly flawless celebrity in New York, but when thoughts about your appearance distract you to a point where you can’t concentrate on your work, school, family, or friends, it’s time to consider taking care of the issue.

You have realistic expectations and have connected with a surgeon you trust

Although breast procedures are incredibly common these days, it’s important that you take your surgery seriously and consider all the risks and responsibilities that come with it. For example, you should understand that you will be needing to take time off from your regular routine to focus on your healing after a procedure. It’s also important that you have realistic expectations about what a surgery can bring. Speak with a trusted professional about your augmentation choices, like what materials will be used and how incisions will be approached. Keep in mind that all bodies are unique, and a surgery should match your existing body type to keep things realistic.

A breast surgery can be life changing. If you are interested and having a procedure done, we are here to help.