Don’t Be Fooled By the Name: These “Micro” Procedures Make a Big Impact

We understand that our New York patients want results that make a real difference in how they look and feel. While some clients come in with the hope of having plastic surgery, others find satisfying results in our Medical Spa. There, we offer everything from chemical peels and injections to photo facials and hair removal. We also have three popular treatments that share a partial name: microdermabrasion, microblading, and microneedling. These options are distinctively different, and despite having “micro” in their name, they make a large difference in the individuals I work with. Below is a breakdown of each of the treatments. If you have any questions about them or wondering about other options, schedule a consultation today!


Curious about how celebrities and models get dewy, glowing skin? This procedure is one way. Microdermabrasion uses a gentle stream of tiny particles to exfoliate the outer layer of your skin and produce a fresh-faced look with improved texture, tone, and complexion. Don’t worry: just a small amount of skin is removed during this procedure, and that means you won’t be at risk of tissue damage. The more treatments you have, the better outcome you’ll see. It’s almost addicting to see the before-and-after results that it brings! 


This eyebrow-centric treatment is still fairly new to the beauty world, but it’s already making waves and garnering rave reviews, especially in a world where brows are “on fleek” and dominate social media. If you get tired of penciling in your eyebrows each morning to make sure they pop all day, you will love microblading. It’s almost like a semi permanent tattoo for your brows! Our pigments are formulated to match your natural hair color, allowing for seamless blending that looks realistic. The best part? Your results can last up to two years, depending on different factors affecting the procedure! After a year has passed, you can even schedule a touch-up to retain the shape and saturation of pigment. With microblading, you can have eyebrows that wow — with no work for you. 


Looking for a way to balance your skin tone, reduce pore size, soften your wrinkles, or help with scarring? Meet your new best friend: microneedling! During the procedure, we’ll open up your surface skin to make microchannels that allow your facial treatment products to absorb better, too. We can also use microneedling to introduce platelet-rich plasma to your face and help to accelerate your body’s healing process, stimulate cellular regeneration, and speed up tissue repair. Even better, you’ll see results within days! 

Thanks to technology and scientific advances, it’s amazing what does a little bit of work can do for our bodies. No matter your situation or circumstance, it’s likely we have a treatment that can help you get the skin you love!