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Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lifts: Key Differences You Need to Know

Both breast augmentation and a breast lift can improve the appearance of your chest. However, the two procedures offer different results. Choosing the correct procedure for your concerns relies on knowing the differences between methods and your ultimate goals. 

At Cohen Plastic Surgery in Nassau County and NYC, we ensure that our patients are well-informed on their procedure, the recovery, and the expected outcome. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Cohen is an expert in breast augmentation and breast lifts who works with patients to ensure they’re thrilled with their results. 

If you’re considering breast surgery, there are critical differences in procedures you’ll want to know. 

What is breast augmentation?

When patients are unhappy with the size or fullness of their breasts, then breast augmentation surgery may be their best choice. 

Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to improve the size and shape of a patient’s breasts. Concerns that are resolved by breast augmentation surgery include:

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Genetically small breasts
  • Volume loss from pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Poor breast projection
  • Lack of cleavage

Dr. Cohen performs breast augmentation surgery alone or with a breast lift. 

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery addresses breast ptosis (drooping). When pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss, or the effect of age cause a loss of breast volume, breast tissue can sag and droop. 

There are three main techniques for a breast lift. Choosing the proper method to add lift and volume to the chest depends on the natural shape of your breast and areola and how much volume and lift are needed. 

What are the differences in the procedures?

While breast augmentation and a breast lift are two unique procedures, many patients combine the two to achieve their goals. Since both a breast lift and a breast augmentation are surgical procedures, the preparation is similar, and both methods require incisions that will leave tiny scars. 

Procedural Differences

Since a breast augmentation uses implants, the procedure will include an incision either under the breasts, under the arms, or at the areola. 

Breast augmentation surgery takes about one to two hours to open the breast, insert the implant, and then close and bandage the surgical site. 

In a breast lift, the incisions are carefully placed to remove excess skin, tighten breast tissue, and in some cases, move the nipple. A breast lift takes about two to three hours to lift, shape the breasts, close the incisions, and bandage the site. 

Recovery Differences

Recovery from breast augmentation depends on the placement and size of the implant. Typically, a patient fully recovers from breast augmentation surgery in four to six weeks.

Depending on how much tissue Dr. Cohen removes, recovery from a breast lift may require a drainage tube for three to seven days. Most patients take three weeks off of strenuous activity after a breast lift and see their full results when swelling dissipates, six to twelve weeks after the procedure. 

What are the differences in breast lift and augmentation results?

Both a breast lift and a breast augmentation improve the shape of the breasts. However, a breast lift often results in smaller breasts, as lifting and contouring the breasts requires removing skin and tissue. 

In contrast, a breast augmentation restores volume and size to breasts, making them more prominent. 

Many patients choose to combine the procedures to gain the volume and fullness of breast augmentation and the positioning of a breast lift. The combined procedures offer an improved, natural-looking shape, upper breast fullness, and well-positioned breasts and nipples. 

Trust Dr. Cohen for Your Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation

Regardless of which procedure is right for you, any breast enhancement requires Dr. Cohen’s skilled, experienced work as an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Cohen Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in Nassau County and NYC, provides patients with expert consultations to determine the best procedure for their needs. Call or schedule an appointment online with Cohen Plastic Surgery when you’re ready to see what breast surgery can do for you.