Man receiving botox treatment.

Botox for Men: More Popular Than You Think

Is it true that requests for Botox injections by men has steadily been on the rise?

There was a time when the general consensus would have been that women are far more concerned with their appearance than men. Whether that was ever actually the case, it doesn’t come as a surprise these days that more and more men are having a wide range of types of cosmetic surgery done. These include everything from liposuction for a slimmer, more toned appearance to facelifts designed to erase the signs of aging that show up as lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. 

That said, and knowing that more than 10 percent of facelifts being performed in the U.S. today are for men, it still might shock some people to learn just how popular Botox has become with men. 

“Brotox” Anyone?

Botox is the most common non-surgical type of cosmetic procedure being done today. In the past decade, requests for Botox have skyrocketed by 200 percent. Cosmetic surgery in general has been steadily increasing in demand. What is really interesting is that nearly 10 percent of all cosmetic surgeries being done in the U.S. are for men requesting Botox. In fact, its popularity with men has gotten to the point where it is being referred to as “Brotox”. 

Why are men requesting Botox injections? The simple answer is that they do it for the same reason that women do; to improve their appearance. Simple may not be quite right, however. For men, competition with other men, particularly those they work with, may actually play a large role. According to the president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Daniel C. Mills, “They’re simply having more procedures done because they want to maintain the competitiveness in an increasingly ageist workplace.”

Every individual has their own motivations. In general, though, it is believed that there are two other explanations for why men are seeking out Botox, as well as other types of cosmetic procedures. One is because of social media. We are all now far more aware of how we appear to other people. Before Facebook, Instagram and the rest, we would only see ourselves in a mirror or the occasional photo. Now, our image is everywhere all the time. 

The other reason is that marketers have gotten better at targeting men. Advertisements for Botox and other cosmetic procedures now feature men in those “before” and “after” photos instead of just women. This has pulled it into the mainstream and helped men realize that it’s perfectly acceptable for them to want to look their best, just like women do. 

Plus, not only is Botox minimally invasive, it’s quick and requires no recovery time. It’s quite common for someone to schedule an appointment during their lunch break and still have time to get something to eat before heading back to work. 

One Botox-Related Caveat for Men

Just because Botox has become so popular, it is important not to develop a cavalier attitude toward it. Men and women should always seek out highly-skilled, experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons for all types of cosmetic surgery, even those that are non-invasive. This is especially true when it comes to Botox for men because dosing may be different than it is for women.  There is no one size fits all for Botox or any other invasive procedure and nothing takes the place of experience and training. 

Dr. Brian D. Cohen is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive training in cosmetic/reconstructive plastic surgery and has had years of experience performing a wide array of cosmetic surgery procedures, specializing in procedures of the face, eyes, nose, breast and body and is known for his exemplary and compassionate care by his patients. Knowing that Dr. Cohen has been selected by his peers in Super Doctors for 8 years in a row in 2020 gives you the confidence that he is highly respected for his performance in his specialty. Information on locations and office hours for Cohen Plastic Surgery can be found by clicking here.