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Rhinoplasty is one of the world’s most commonly performed plastic surgeries today. It can be helpful to one’s health and confidence in various ways. Here at Cohen Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeon in Lake Success NY provides safe and expert plastic surgery after years of field experience. Here are just a few ways rhinoplasty can improve your quality of life. 

Health Reasons 

Rhinoplasties can be performed for either health and functional reasons or cosmetic reasons. The primary health purpose of a rhinoplasty is to improve one’s breathing. Problems include a deviated septum, when one’s nasal septum is displaced far to one side, making one nostril smaller than the other. This and other possible congenital disabilities can significantly restrict one’s breathing. A rhinoplasty can correct these issues by opening breathing passages, straightening the bridge, or other nose reshaping. If you experience breathing difficulties due to congenital disabilities, schedule an appointment with Cohen Plastic Surgery for a plastic surgeon in Lake Success NY. 

A rhinoplasty may also be needed after an injury to the nose. A broken nose, like some congenital disabilities, can lead to long-lasting breathing problems. These are problems that may never go away without medical attention. A rhinoplasty can fix most breathing problems caused by a broken nose. If your nose was broken and has left you with breathing problems or a misshapen nose, schedule an appointment with Cohen Plastic Surgery for a plastic surgeon. 

Cosmetic Reasons

Due to its prominent place in the center of the face, one’s nose is often a source of personal insecurity. A rhinoplasty can change the shape and size of the nose, such as the size of the tip, removing humps, and/or changing the size of the nostrils. When talking to a plastic surgeon in Lake Success NY, about a rhinoplasty, tell them what bothers you about your nose and what your goals are for your appearance. They will then discuss what is possible and what would be best for you. 

It is important to remember that there is no perfect nose. With rhinoplasty, a plastic surgeon can try to achieve what you want and bring out the best in your natural beauty, but keep in mind a rhinoplasty cannot change your entire face or alter its structure. 

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Rhinoplasties can act as confidence boosters to those who receive them and allow people to get closer to their ideal selves. If you wish to talk to a plastic surgeon in Lake Success NY about a cosmetic rhinoplasty, schedule an appointment with Cohen Plastic Surgery today.