Brian D. Cohen, MD is dedicated to making his patients feel more comfortable in their own bodies through the wonders of plastic surgery. For many women, this involves having a breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty) with saline implants. Though Dr. Cohen also uses silicone breast implants in breast augmentation procedures, in some cases, saline implants may be preferable. Dr. Cohen works skillfully to provide women with fuller breasts to enhance their self-image and confidence.

Whether your breasts never developed to the size and shape you desired, are extremely asymmetrical, or appear deflated after pregnancy, weight loss, or surgery, Dr. Cohen can help. Please contact our office today to schedule your consultation. 

Advantages of Saline Implants for Breast Augmentation

Although the outer portion of saline implants is made of silicone, they are filled with sterile saline. Among the benefits of using saline implants during breast augmentation are:

  • Saline is normal to the body because most bodily fluids — including tears and blood — have a similar concentration of salt
  • Saline implants are considered safe and are approved by the FDA
  • Saline implants can be inserted while they are empty and filled later, permitting 

Dr. Cohen to control the volume of saline and size your breasts with precision

Once you have Dr. Cohen perform breast augmentation, you can count on enjoying the beauty of enhanced breasts for many years.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure Itself

Breast augmentation with saline implants takes Dr. Cohen approximately one to two hours to perform. The operation is typically performed under general anesthesia so you will be totally unaware and pain-free. 

Dr. Cohen is careful to make incisions where they are least noticeable — on the underside of your breasts (inframammary) or around your areolas, the dark areas surrounding your nipples (periareolar). Wherever Dr. Cohen places the incisions, in the aftermath of surgery, the scars will fade and become nearly invisible. As you might imagine, there is artistry as well as surgical expertise necessary to successfully perform a breast augmentation with saline implants, and Dr. Cohen is well up to the task.

The incisions are made to create pockets into which the implants will be inserted. The saline implants will either be placed directly behind your breast tissue or behind both the breast tissue and the muscles of your chest wall, depending on Dr. Cohen’s assessment of which location will be most effective. Wherever Dr. Cohen places the implants, he will carefully stitch the incisions closed, bandage the area, and put you into a surgical bra. The surgical bra will be replaced by a sports bra within a few days; both will provide you with the support and protection required for optimal healing.

What can you expect while recovering from breast augmentation with saline implants?

Though you should expect to feel tired and sore for a day or two after the procedure, you will likely be able to return to work and your normal routine within a week or so. You will not have to have any stitches removed since all of the stitches Dr. Cohen uses are self-dissolving. Any residual pain, inflammation, or sensitivity you experience after your augmentation procedure will disappear within a few weeks. 

Things to Be Aware of Regarding Your Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants

You should be aware of the following facts:

  • After breast augmentation, your regular mammograms may be more difficult to read, so more images of your breasts may have to be taken
  • You should postpone breast augmentation if you plan to become pregnant in the future because breast augmentation may make it harder to nurse
  • The healthier you are before any surgical procedure, including breast augmentation, the better the results will be, so it is advisable to give up smoking, exercise, and be at an appropriate weight before having surgery
  • Before your breast augmentation, you should temporarily stop taking any medication that might cause excessive bleeding (e.g. aspirin, NSAIDs)
  • After surgery, you should prepare to be unable to bend, strain, or do heavy lifting until fully recovered

Possible Complications

All surgical procedures involve some small element of risk. In the case of breast augmentation with saline implants, though unlikely, one of the following may occur:

  • Buildup of scar tissue (capsular contracture) that may alter the shape of the breast
  • Local or systemic infection
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Change in breast sensation

The risk of complications from breast augmentation is slight, made slighter when the procedure is performed by a highly experienced professional like Dr. Cohen.

Contact Dr. Cohen to Get Answers to All Your Questions About Breast Augmentation

Once you get in touch with Brian D. Cohen, MD, you will find the support and encouragement you need to move toward breast enhancement as a means of self-fulfillment. You can trust Dr. Cohen to explain everything thoroughly. Once you decide to have the procedure, you can begin happily anticipating, and preparing to admire, the enhanced beauty of your augmented breasts.